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About Us

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In the old days, fish sauce was simply made in the backyard of every household for Thai family consumption. After discovering great potential in demand for fish sauce and excess in supply of raw material, anchovy, Mr. Tien Nithipitigan established Thai Fishsauce Factory (Squid brand) Co., Ltd. in 1944 with an intention to develop high quality fish sauce for Thai community. For almost 80 years, Thai Fishsauce Factory has been continuously refining and improving its fish sauce products, monitoring closely on products’ quality in order to meet with World class standards from the raw material acquisition, production process to the finished products. Our vision is to become the most preference fish sauce brand in World consumers’ mind.

Today, Mr. Tien’s hard work has paid-off handsomely as Squid Brand fish sauce has become widely preferred condiment in Thai households. After amassing for over 75 years of experience in the industry, Squid Brand fish sauce has not only catered to the needs of the domestic market but also found rising popularity and demand in the global market. Since 1974, Squid Brand fish sauce has been exported to America, Europe and Australia started of as to serve Thais oversea, then, surprisingly became the most wanted brand among Asians and eventually, the most famous fish sauce brand among Westerners. Today, our main brand “Squid Brand” has found its way to the dining tables of over 70 nations worldwide.

To keep up with the continuous growing market, Thai Fishsauce Factory operates with its two factories located at Klong-Darn in Samutprakarn province and Mae-Klong in Samutsongkram province. The Mae-Klong factory, occupied over 22 acres of land and currently, has an annual production capacity of over a million cartons of fish sauce. The company now has a registered capital of 140 million Baht with approximately 250 experts and specialists. Throughout the entire process, the very newest state-of-art machinery and technology are used to ensure that Squid Brand products meet the most rigorous of internationally accepted industrial standards.

At Thai Fishsauce Factory, quality always comes first. Since day one, we have striven to achieve a dynamic organization – becoming both global exporter and world-class manufacturer in the fish sauce industry. Realizing that we are competing at an international level, we maintain high and consistent quality production standards that enable us to continuously meet needs of both domestic and global customers. With the ISO 9001:2015 endorsement received from TUV NORD, the company is Thailand’s first ISO 9001 version 2000 certified manufacturer. This certification surely reinforces our reputation for the high- quality standards of our fish sauce products in the eyes of our numerous customers.

The ISO 9001:20015 quality system provides us with enhanced capabilities and greater work efficiency, aside from contributing to our long-term sustainable development. With the ISO 9001:2015 system in place, we look forward to meeting any future quality challenges, and vow to continuously maintain the system well into the future. In addition, the HACCP project has long been initiated to become a format in developing our product to meet international standards. Its goal is to hygienically control production quality in order to assure sanitary of all process. The HACCP certificate is a reminder for the company to keep up our standard to reach the ultimate consumers satisfactory.

From the beginning until today Squid brand authentic fish sauce can expand to the world market more than 70 countries.
In the Americas, Europe, Australia, Asia, Africa, the trademark “Squid Brand”
Known all over the world and step up to be the top producer of fish sauce. The number one exporter of the country
This is a confirmation that “Squid Brand” is the authentic fish sauce that can be loved by people all over the world.

Towards Excellence

Production of authentic fish sauce under the squid brand There is a process that is correct according to HACCP standards, every bottle of fish sauce produced here. The quality will be controlled by more than 300 skilled workers who control the production. with modern machinery meet international standards

Starting from selecting high quality fresh anchovies from fishermen who grew up together with a company that will select good quality anchovies. Weigh to the desired weight, mix with salt to enter the fermentation process. since on the boat

After that, it is sent to the fermentation pond at the factory for 18 months before being taken through a 5-step filtration process. To check the quality, physical and chemical in the laboratory. In order to get fish sauce that is clean, pure, without impurities, seasoned until it gets the standard taste of genuine fish sauce, squid brand before entering the process of bottling

the packing process will use modern machinery which each bottle It will be washed, heated and dried to kill germs. to ensure that No contaminants in fish sauce Before entering the labeling, packing boxes to be sent to the kitchens of people around the world.

And Pride

The company is very proud to be certified for the quality system standard ISO 9001: 2000 (currently just certified ISO9001:2015) from TUV NORD, which Thai Fish Sauce Factory (Squid Brand) Co., Ltd. is the first fish sauce production company to be certified in this new version, which allows consumers to be confident in the quality of authentic fish sauce products.
Every bottle of squid brand