“ We will maintain the quality of our fish sauce products to ensure maximum customer satisfaction is achieved and we will continuously develop our products using the highest standards.”

Our QC staff has always focusing on the quality of the whole manufacturing process from raw material acquisition, fermentation, packing, bottling to finished goods inspection before ready to distribute.



    As quality is our policy, A tight control over raw material screening process has been put in place to ensure that only finest material is selected.

    • Anchovy: we make sure that only fresh, clean and healthy anchovy are selected.
    • Salt: Salt are one of main ingredients in manufacturing process, therefore, only well-inspected salt is allowed to be part of our material.
    • Water used in fermentation process: The water in our process is complying with the regulation of sanitary department.
    QC department job is to collect sample of each material to inspect if it meet the standard. However, if it’s not, we reject them and there shall be a strict prevention against unmet standard material.

    After inspection for quality material, we accomplish the very hygienic and sanitary manufacturing process by organizing the Pre-Requisite Program or Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) which emphasis on the sanitation of the place where production takes place, machines, equipments and the over environment of manufacturing process. In this process we focus on

    • Personal Hygiene
    • Pest control
    • Water control
    • Cleaning
    • Glass control
    • Control of Chemical
    • Identification and Tracability
    • Hold/Release Program
    • Product Recall
    • Waste Disposal
    Moreover, food safety is another point of concern at Thai Fishsauce Factory. We are very strictly about following the international food standard project (CODEX). As a result, HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) is taken in account very seriously. The HACCP is the system that encourages us to prevent any contamination at all stage not just the final product. After all the tight control over the manufacturing process, the quality can be assured at all stage from fermentation blending bottling to packing.

    Not only tight control over the quality of raw material, the process, and environment in manufacturing process but also we concern about quality and safety of final product for our customer. Quality control department seriously checks and makes sure that all the product comply with the specific standard. In addition, many analysis of our final product are conducted to meet with the standard of the ministry of public health and sanitation and the ministry of industrial. In order to ensure the accuracy of analysis result, our equipments used in test, laboratory, and analysis are calibrated regularly. Moreover, when defected product are found, QC department have hold/release program and even reject policy for any product that doesn’t meet the standard. Finally